Living Intentionally

I’ve not really lived my life up to the recent past with intention. I’ve been very blessed to stumble my way into a very comfortable position. I did realize last year, however, that this lifestyle was not the best, and definitely wouldn’t lead my daughter to an intentional lifestyle.
Failure to plan is planning for failure.
So I’ve taken steps this year to begin living my life with intention. I do want to create a better life for my family and myself. The only way to spring us forward is to plan.

I found Dave Ramsey last year and was drawn to his methods and teaching. My favorite part is his instruction to give every dollar a name; to spend it on purpose, on paper, before the month begins. For the last year I’ve been doing that. I may sometimes be a little off in my planning, but I definitely have a much better sense of how I’m spending my money. And he’s so right, I feel like I’ve gotten a raise since I know what I’ve got and what I can spend. I no longer feel guilty about purchasing a pair of shoes or new makeup, because I planned for it ahead of time and know my bills will be taken care of. I’m being more proactive about spending, instead of being reactionary.


Whitney English Day Designer

I also found this beautiful Day Designer on Etsy. I can directly attribute the idea for my design business to the forms at the beginning. They forced me to examine aspects of myself and my dreams that opened my mind to the possibilities of developing and running my own business. Each day has so many opportunities for me to double check the direction my day is taking to make sure I’m working towards my larger goals. This planner is the epitome of intentional living and I’m in love with it.

Meal Planning

For more than a year now I’ve used Deliciously Organic’s meal plans to plan my dinners. Then, I found the Gracious Pantry’s meal planning forms to help me with the rest of my meals. Because of these two tools, I’m able to plan breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks that are healthy, balanced and use the foods I have on hand. Not only have a I been saving money at the grocery store, I’ve also been wasting less food, eating out less and losing weight.

This may all seem like a great deal of work, but it allows for a less cluttered mind and a life that, I feel, is moving forward. I’m setting an example for my daughter, hopefully, a good one!

5 thoughts on “Living Intentionally

  1. You’re doing a fantastic job! It’s amazing how people will spend weeks planning a vacation they can’t afford while leaving their financial future completely up to chance. A quick anecdote about money envelopes working in my life:
    Several years ago when we just started applying the things we had learned from Financial Peace University, we ended up with a flat tire that we just knew we couldn’t afford to repair. After limping the car over to the place we buy our tires, we were relieved to learn that the prorated price for a brand new tire would only be $44.
    Being the broke college students that we were, we knew that we didn’t even have $20 in our bank account. Here’s the best part—after remembering that we had started a car maintenance envelope, we checked in the glove compartment (not really the best place to store money, I know), and in the envelope was exactly … $44. True story.
    Here’s to a purposeful life!

    • After a year of budgeting, I started using envelopes this month and can definitely see a difference in my spending! Cash is definitely so much more emotional.
      And how great a feeling is that to know that you have an emergency covered without having to resort to credit cards!

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