Three Things Thursday

I knew there would be weeks when once a week was all I’d post!  If nothing else, I’m working on fodder for Thursday every week!

IMG_2866 copy IMG_2868 copy

1.  In my real job I’m in outside sales.  Half of my customers are education facilities, like college campuses and K-12.  I love walking around the colleges on my way too and from appointments.  The outside air is so fresh, the sounds of students muffled and the sounds of vehicles almost non-existent.  It takes me back to my college days, which was one of my favorite periods.

2014 06 14_1720 copy

2.  We had a Martin build a nest under the eaves of our back porch and hatch three eggs.  I loved watching them grow over the two weeks they were in the nest.  On Saturday, they grew up and flew away.  I was able to get a few pictures of the last one to leave the nest.  He was really struggling to join his siblings, but finally made it to the tree they flitted off to.

3.  For the longest time we were hold-outs on The Walking Dead, but, finally, my daughter convinced us to buy the first season.  We watched it slowly, at first, but just finished Season 3 after binge watching it over a week.  Every opportunity we had we watched as many episodes as we could.  We finished Season 3 on Netflix last night, then realized Season 4 isn’t up yet!  The horror!  I purchased it on Amazon Prime, but our internet connection is so poor out here, we can’t watch it!  It’s devastating!  At least True Blood is starting back up on Sunday.  I would love for its final season to be better than the last two, but I’m not hopeful.  We’ve watched it from the start (R & I, not the kid!) so we’re just finishing it at this point.  We’re also watching Game of Thrones as we’re able.  We’re mid-Season 3, but it’s kind of dragging.  I really hope it gets better!

So tell me, what are you watching right now?  Anything I need to add to my list?

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