Since we moved out to our little slice of heaven, I’ve really been able to put my stubborn, do-it-myself hat on.  I refuse to ask for help, which has left us with many unfinished projects around the house and several that probably aren’t up to Mr. Rogers’ standards!  It’s also taught me that I’m much more capable than I thought.  From finishing a half marathon to becoming a successful salesperson in spite of my introverted nature to running a household somewhat smoothly, there are many days I feel I can do it all!  Except, maybe, finish the board and batten wall treatment in my daughter’s bathroom.

My favorite thing about living out here is the freedom.  My daughter is able to explore, learn and work.  My dogs and chickens have so much room to roam.  And someday, we’ll have cows, goats, and horses.  Or more like a cow, goats, and a horse!  I’ve learned how to garden and care for the chickens by reading and by failing.  Each failure makes me more determined to figure out how to make a project a success.  I read voraciously, everything from blogs to books, and I can’t wait to share my transformation from city girl to farmer girl!

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